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Our Materials page is currently under construction, as we regularly test and add new products to meet a wide range of needs. Please check back or contact us at 971-222-9728 for a consultation on the many choices available to you in flooring remodel and construction.

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Flooring Experiences

Know your woods! Some types of hardwoods are better (or worse) for different rooms of your house. For example: hardwood flooring in the kitchen will take more wear and tear than other rooms, plus it’s more likely with appliances that use plumbing that there will be spills. A hearty wood like walnut, oak, or ash will stand up to the higher volume of wear and tear you will encounter. There are also Rubberized flooring options that mimic the look of hardwoods!

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Contact us today to discuss your flooring options, and let us assist you in making your home a more comfortable, beautiful investment. In addition to email, you can reach us on the phone at 971-222-9728.

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